Friday, August 24, 2007

The 23 Things

Here's a summary of what you'll be doing as a part of 23 Things. Return to this summary at any time using the 23 Things Deakin button on the right.

Week 1: About 23 Things

1. Read about the 23 Things programme

Week 2: Start a blog

2. Create your own blog and write something
3. Send us the link to your blog

Week 3: Blog comments and photo sharing

4. Comment on each others' blogs
5. Create a flickr account
6. Join a flickr group

Week 4: Play week

7. Play with a funny image generator
8. Play with LibraryThing

Week 5: RSS feeds and blogs

9. Install a feed reader
10. Subscribe to digg
11. Subscribe to some library related blogs

Week 6: Get social

12. Explore MySpace and Facebook

Rest week

Congratulations, if you have completed all 12 Things so-far, you get a week off!

Week 7: Google tools

13. Play with Google Maps
14. Play with Google Docs & Spreadsheets
15. Play with Google Book Search

Week 8: Google home page

16. Create your own iGoogle home page

Week 9: Social bookmarking and Library 2.0

17. Play with
18. Read about the Library 2.0 movement

Week 10: Wikis and video sharing

19. Put a photo of your pet on the wiki
20. Watch YouTube videos people have made about libraries

Week 11: Podcasts

21. Find and listen to a Podcast or two

Week 12: Second Life and libraries?

22. Read about Second Life and how libraries are using it

Week 13: Conclusion

23. Give feedback about the programme


toolman said...

Swinburne has week one but Deakin starts week 2?

hotspur said...

I've logged in for the first time - and it thinks I've already voted!!

Kat said...

toolman: We do start at week 1. As this is a blog, it will place the most recent blog post up the top of the page. To navigate to the tasks - go to it on the right hand side of the page under archives.

hotspur: The voting section I think uses cookies. I would clear the cookies on your web browser. Or better yet, open up the other web browser that you don't use (For example internet explorer if you use Firefox) and you should be able to vote.

Anonymous said...

Using IE, every time I click on a link it asks me to save the file, rather than going to the appropriate page - any hints?

Kat said...

The IE thing is a known issue at the moment. Try typing in www. before the address and after the http://.

So for example if the address you have been given is then type in this should then work. No idea why it is happening as says to use the address without the www.!

Alternatively you can always use firefox :) It is the better browser after all!

maz said...

I guess if we have signed up for IM we do have a Yahoo account?

Kat said...

maz: nope, you signed up for a live messenger account (microsoft) not a yahoo account. Only the deakin account has a yahoo account. So you will need to sign up a new yahoo account.

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