Monday, August 27, 2007

Need Help?

Need help with the 23 things? There are various ways you can ask for assistance.

  • Everybody else is in the same boat as you; try asking someone else for help.
  • Every campus has at least one 23 Things champion, who is there to help you when you're really stuck.
  • Leave comments on this blog asking for help and they will be answered!

Campus Champions

Waterfront: Kat Clancy
Burwood: Terry Roache
Waurn Ponds: Colin Bates
Warrnambool: John Berry


safari lover said...

I hvane't touch the "blog" for 4 months, but don't give up on me!
Now I need to read the instructions for each task right from the beginning.
So where are they? I have even forgotten how to add my nest post to my own blog. Not to mention the rest.

safari lover said...

Today is my blogging day ...
Disregard my last comment and typos. I found what I was looking for. What a brave new world is out there ....just as well we only have to "do" 23 things otherwise I'd be chained to the computer forever