Monday, September 3, 2007

Week Two - 3. Send us your blog!

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Show us your blog!

By now, you should have created your very own blog and written a post in it. If not, you'll have to complete the previous step now.

Your Task

Your next task is to tell us about your blog. Remember, you can remain anonymous if you like - the only ones who will know who you really are will be the 23 Things committee.

To tell us about your blog, you'll need to use the 23 Things registration form.

Using your blog

From now on, you'll need to use your blog to write about each 'thing' you complete. We'll use this as a record of where you are up to in 23 Things.

Even though we number the things and have a schedule, you may complete tasks out of order if you really want to.



hotspur said...

There are a couple of blogs on your list where the links are broken, and some where there appears to be no option to leave comments

Kat said...

yep I know.

Some people have disabled comments. So for all of you who have enable them! (ask if you are not sure how!)

And the broken links are due to them submitting the URL incorrectly in the registration form. I am chasing them up as I get them in and there should only be a few left I think.