Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week Five - 9. RSS Feeds

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Have you heard of RSS and seen those small funny orange tags on web sites? You might have heard co-workers and acquaintances swear by it, but do you have any idea what RSS is?

In the information world, RSS is not only revolutionalizing the way news, media and content creators share information, but it also is swiftly changing the way everyday users are consuming information.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a file format for delivering regular Internet feeds


Follow these discovery exercises to set up your own personalized RSS feed reader.

  1. Check out this tutorial for steps on creating a Blogline account and how to add feeds to your blogline account. Additionally, you can check out this YouTube video on adding feeds to your Blogline account.
  2. Create a free "RSS aggregator" account at Bloglines and subscribe to at least 5 newsfeeds.
  3. Finally, create a post in your blog telling the world about the 5 newsfeeds you subscribed to. You could even post the public Blogline URL into your post (see below for details on how to do this).

RSS Feeds you could add

Library Related RSS Feeds


How to find your public Bloglines URL:

  1. Click on the Share tab within your Bloglines account.
  2. Scroll down the right screen pane and locate the public URL.

A screenshot of how to find your public Bloglines Account

Why have a public account? To share blog rolls with others, of course.


Anonymous said...

A couple of queries - I haven't been able to find the public Bloglines URL - and reading the instructions on the Bloglines site hasn't helped. I'm assuming you need to replace USERNAME with your own user name, but is that the whole email address? I've tried a couple of different options and it doesn't seem to work.

Also, I've been trying to create a Librarything widget like you have on this blog for my blog. I'm wondering if Wordpress doesn't support them? I've had no luck at all - any suggestions?

Kat said...

The librarything widget is just html code provided by librarything to add to your blog. I'm not sure how to add html code in wordpress themes. Regarding the bloglines public URL, I'm not sure. I'll be back in Victoria tomorrow so I'll have a look at it again. Just to let you know, I actually don't use bloglines, I receive my RSS feeds via firefox. However, as everyone doesn't use firefox, I couldn't include firefox in this task! grrr! Everyone - convert to firefox :)

newblog said...

Kat I would like to use Firefox for this task instead, but not sure how to go about it. Can you help?

Kat said...

Have you checked out the youtube video in the actual RSS post. If that doesn't help at all, give me a bell and I'll walk you through it. The yotube video is a bit too fast :)

Cheers, Kat

Julie said...

Hi Kat, yes the video is too fast, so I went to iGoogle as I heard on the grapevine it was easier than bloglines... so have set up my homepage & added several rss feeds from the ABC. Great!

Cheers, Julie

Julie said...

Hi Kat, tried again with firefox & got it to work with RSS feed from Geoscience australia now!
Cheers, Julie

Kat said...

Another good link to help you out with RSS feeds.

Kat said...

And...check out this great article I found about why RSS feeds are not popular.

Raging CSA said...

Hi Kat

your screen dump of bloglines doesn't match my bloglines screen - no share tab. An option to share is there but it just tells you to tell your friends about your bloglines URL to go public?!! What?

Kat said...

Sorry, bloglines must have changed! Please give me a call on 78029 and I will show you how to do RSS feeds via firefox (it's much easier anyway).

joesblog said...

Hi Kat,

There are also RSS Readers that you can install on your computer such as GreatNews (it's free)