Friday, September 7, 2007

Week Three - 5. Create a Flickr Account

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What is Flickr?

Flickr is a free website to host your photos online. It is one of the fastest growing photo management and photo sharing sites on the web. Flickr allows you to upload your photos and tag them (describe them with keywords).You can arrange them into groups too, so they are easy to search for. Basically it is a way to display your photos publicly for family, friends and if you wish, the general public to access.

Explore Flickr!

For this exercise you are required to take a look at Flickr and discover what it has to offer:

  • Discover the fascinating things people and otherlibraries are using Flickr for
  • Find out how tags work
  • Find out what groups are
  • Then create a Flickr Account!

Register for a Flickr Account

A basic Flickr account is free. Since Flickr is owned by Yahoo! it is necessary to create a Yahoo! account first. If you already have one, you will be able to login to Flickr straight away. Creating an account takes just 3 easy steps. Just follow the necessary Yahoo! link which takes you to the sign up page and enter your details to register. You are then ready to sign into Flickr and register.

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kurrara said...

This assumes I have photos to upload, I currently don't take photos, in any medium... the nearest I come is some from a son in America. I haven't taken them obviously.

Kat said...

Kurrara: You can always find a photo on the Internet (check copyright) and post it on flickr. The exercise isn't necessarily to upload photos if you don't have any, but to explore and see what you can do in flickr. By the way, some of you may want to check out these images from the National Library of New Zealand. Libaries in 2017 will be...