Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rest Week

Congratulations on reaching the half-way point! It’s not as hard as you first thought is it? Okay, by reading the blogs, RSS and flickr has come out on top as being the hardest to conquer. As a few people have mentioned, bloglines isn’t the best way to receive RSS feeds, Google Reader and even through the firefox browser is much easier. If you would like any assistance, remember I am only a phone call/email away!

A lot of people found flickr frustrating. If you did, but would still like to explore the ability to post images on the web, check out Photobucket. I have been using this for years and find it a lot easier to use than flickr. Yes, it doesn’t have a lot of the “extra” functionality that flickr does, but it does what it does well (excuse the English!).

Enjoy your week off! Next week we start looking at the Google suite. Some interesting times ahead!


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