Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week Eight - 16. Google Homepage

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Remember the list of Google products and services from last week. Imagine being able to access all of those products from the one website, using the one account. Well thanks to iGoogle you can.

Google offers the ability to create a personalized iGoogle page that gives you at-a-glance access to key information from Google and across the web. On this self-designed page, you can choose and organize content such as:

  • Your latest Gmail messages
  • Headlines from Google News and other top news sources
  • Weather forecasts, stock quotes, and movie showtimes
  • Bookmarks for quick access to your favorite sites from any computer
  • Your own section with content you find from across the web
  • Google Book Search

Discovery Resources

Before completing any of the tasks below, please login to your google account using the email address and password setup in last week's task or when you created your blogspot blog.


  1. Go to iGoogle and login if you have not logged in
  2. Add the following gadgets (check out the discovery resources to show you how to do this):
    • Google Map Search gadget
    • Google Book Search gadget
    • One of the facebook gadgets
    • Google Docs and Spreadsheet gadget
  3. Search for a library gadget and add this to your homepage

And finally...

Check out the following youtube video about working at Google.

4. Create a post in your blog page about this exercise. Don’t know what to write about? Think about these questions: Do you like iGoogle? What improvements would you suggest to Google? Would you like to work at Google?


Anonymous said...

I notice that some of the gadgets don't work - is that because of our firewall? I had a bit of trouble getting a Facebook one that worked, and the error messages I was getting suggested that might have been the problem

Kat said...

The firewall issue could be the problem. Also some gadgets only work in Internet Explorer (grrrr) so I make a habit of not using those gadgets :) It does show that if you allow anyone to create something to connect to your website it isn't necessarily a good thing as ppl that cannot code will try and code something with disastrous results!