Friday, October 12, 2007

Week Seven - 14. Google Docs & Spreadsheets

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Your Tasks

  1. Take a tour of Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
  2. Go to Google Docs, login and create a new document.
  3. Start Typing a letter to me!
  4. Save the document
  5. Share the document with me as a viewer (
  6. Save the document and return to the homepage of Google Docs.
  7. Create a new spreadsheet
  8. Type the following in the spreadsheet:
  9. Spreadsheet screenshot of the AFL ladder after round 19 2007
  10. Publish the spreadsheet so everyone can see.
  11. Place the address on your blog.
  12. Finally, write a brief post in your blog about Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Will you need to purchase Microsoft Word for home now?

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