Monday, November 12, 2007

Week Eleven - 21. Find and listen to a Podcast or two

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What is a podcast?

The word "podcast" comes from joining Portable On Demand (pod, like iPod) and "cast" from broadcast. Get it? Podcast!

A podcast is an audio (or maybe video) file that is distributed over the internet using syndication feeds (like RSS) and can be played on portable media players (eg. MP3s) or a personal computer.

Podcasting means that listeners can "time shift" their favourite programs by listening when it suits them. What makes podcasts different is the ability to "subscribe" to a feed, and when a new episode become available it will be automatically downloaded to the user's computer or player. You can then choose to listen to an episode when you want. Or delete the file if you don't!

You can also download or stream programs without subscribing.

Your task

  • Find a podcast that interests you using Google or a directory such as or or from the links in the Discovery Resources section above.
  • Subscribe to it in your feed reader and listen to an audio file or two.


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