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Week Ten - 19. Put a photo of your pet on the Wiki

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A wiki is a type of web site which is edited collaboratively. That is, anyone with access can edit any page of a wiki, and add new pages. It's great for sharing information between staff of an organisation, or for developing documentation. Wikis keep a record of all edits made to a page, so it's possible to see who added what, and even to reverse edits.

The most notable wiki is WikiPedia, an online encyclopedia. However, wikis can be used for a number of purposes. Today you'll learn how to resize and save a photo for the web, and how to edit the staff wiki. You'll then put a photo onto the wiki 'pet's page'.

Preparing your photo

When preparing an image for the web, it's important that you save it in the correct format, and at an appropriate size. Otherwise, someone may not be able to view it, or it may take too long to download on a home internet connection. The photos out of a digital camera or scanner will usually be too high a resolution for a web page, so they'll require shrinking.

First, you'll need to find a digital photo of your pet (or someone else's, if you don't have one). If you have a digital camera, you can simply use a photo from that. If you have a printed photo, you'll need to scan it instead. Scanners are available at the library.

Open your favourite photo editing software. I recommend Fireworks, because it's available to all Deakin Staff.

Installing Fireworks

If you don't have it already, you can install it easily and you shouldn't even need to call ITSD.

  1. Fireworks is part of the Deakin University Software Cataogue, which is available under Start => All programs => Phoenix Software Catalogue.
  2. To install, wait for Phoenix Software Catalogue to load up and then scroll down to Macromedia Fireworks, right click and left click install software
  3. Once it is installed, you should find Macromedia Fireworks under Start => All programs => Macromedia.

Resize your image

  1. Open the photo you want to resize. Using the menu, use Modify => Canvas => Image size to change the size of the image. A web page is around 72 to 96 dots per inch, so you should resize the image so that it is only around 200 to 600 pixels wide, depending on your preferences. Never resize the image more than once, or you'll lose quality. Always go back to the original and try again.
  2. Now save your image using File => Export. This will allow you to save the image as a JPEG file (the filename should end in .jpg). JPEG is the format you must use for websites, if the image is a photo (there are other formats for simpler line-drawings, etc). Save it as a separate file. Keep the original file too.

Upload your picture to the wiki

  1. The Upload File link on the library wiki allows you to add a photo to the wiki. It's on the left hand side of the page once you've logged in.
    Under Source Filename click Browse and locate the resized version of the photo you just saved, and upload it by following the instructions.

Add it to a wiki page

  1. Locate the Pets page on the library wiki by searching for Pets and edit the page using 'Edit'. You should be able to follow the example of the photos that are already there, and add your image using code similar to the following:

  2. [[Image:filename.jpg|thumb|left|150px|Description for your image]]

  3. This code ensures that the photo is a thumbnail, aligned left on the page (like the other images), and 150 pixels wide, the same size as the other photos.

What's next?

Other wikis

If you're adventurous, try contributing to WikiPedia on a topic you know a lot about or are prepared to research. Like other wikis, anyone can edit or add pages. With WikiPedia, you don't even need an account to do so.

You may also like to look at the first ever Wiki, WikiWikiWeb. It's mainly about computer programming, and its software works differently to other wikis you may be familiar with. All page titles on WikiWikiWeb had to have a one word (run together) title with capital letters and lowercase letters, like 'WelcomeVisitors'.


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angela said...

if you find a few large photos of snappers in the cyberspace world in regard to the Library Wiki could you delete them for me. I used wrong software. thanks Angela